Julia Fox Crazy Eyeliner

Is Smudged Eyeliner Making a Comeback?

Everyone has something to say about it

Julia Fox Crazy Eyeliner

Paris Fashion Week came and went and of course, it left us with both questions and answers. Glenn Marten obviously won couture week, and when it comes to beauty, it was Julia Fox’s smudged eyeliner that made headlines. Could it be 2022’s next big beauty trend? It just might.   

For the better or the worse, we might just be seeing the Pat McGrath, Kanye West-cosigned look all over in the coming months. Whilst Fendi opted for Euphoria-esque jewelled faces,  Chanel, Dior and the Italian Schiaparelli, featured variations of the look on the runway—so we speculate it won’t take long for it to make its way IRL.  

As is always the case, the catwalk dictates more than just fashion.  It’s impact on the beauty industry is just as undeniable. Think of Versace and Chloé’s neon bright looks from two years ago. As for Fox’s smudged eye, on the Internet’s court of cool, users seem to be more than torn. In fact, many don’t seem to be impressed by it at all. Here’s what users had to say:




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