Issam Alnajjar and Elyanna Team Up in New Music Video

Tiktok’s next viral sound is here

Jordanian superstar in the making Issam Al Najjar and Palestinian-Chilean singer Elyanna have just released the visuals to their very anticipated collaborative track “Hada Ghareeb” touching upon love, desire and fear in a California-like decor. 

Joining forces on a three-minute bouncy track, the singers who rose to fame and gained international attention on the internet, have given birth to the perfect end of the summer song. Soaked in references to American pop culture, the clip depicts the duo in a sunny setting enjoying their time with friends across different leisure locations.

Slightly cheesy at times, we have to admit that there is no doubt as to why Al Najjar and Elyanna are so popular. With such voice tones and looks, the video clip captures everything we’ve been hoping for and fully expect it to become another hit on TikTok. 

Pushing the barriers of Arab mainstream culture even further each time a song is scheduled to release, we only hope that both artists will meet the success everyone is expecting them to reach. 

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