Jordanian Superstar Issam Alnajjar Releases His First Studio Album

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TikTok sensation Issam Alnajjar is proving that quality and quantity can both go hand in hand. 

Having just released his much-anticipated single with Palestinian-Chilean singer Elyanna a little over a week ago, ‘Hada Ghareeb’ was in fact just a sweet introduction to his first debut album which came out last night.

About a year after having been fired into the mainstream industry, the 18-year-old singer and songwriter is set to make history again as he seems unafraid of being put under the glare of media spotlights. Exploring his own musical world whilst drawing inspiration from his monumentally rapid rise to fame, the young artist has gathered an eclectic selection of featurings from all five continents to walk him through his first real delivery. 

“BAREE?”, which is Arabic for ‘Innocent’, obviously includes his above-mentioned hit with Elyanna alongside other exciting tunes. The 14-track album features his breakout song as well as other rhythmic experimentations with Mexican superstar Danna Paola, Brazilian DJ Alok or also Iraqi-Canadian Ali Gatie to name just a few. 

Adamant that this release will come as a surprise to more than one, we cannot wait to see which song will be trending on Tiktok in the times to come. 

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