le petit prince

IWC is Making ‘Le Petit Prince’ Exciting Again

Can literature make you happier? The watch brand thinks so

le petit prince

When things get tough (like when the entire world is under lockdown and is about to face an economic crisis like no other), finding joy and peace can be difficult. 

We worry about our family and friends, we panic and wonder if life will ever be the same, we cry, we get bored, we eventually start a new Netflix series and in the end, we do it all over again. And as the weeks blur together, it can feel like this will never end.

What we really need during these anxious and lonely times is something that will make us feel uplifted, optimistic and inspired. Swiss watch brand IWC has a solution for you: books. And not just any book—Antoine de Saint-Exepery’s Le Petit Prince

As part of its “Time Well Shared” social media roll-out, IWC is asking some of its most famous brand ambassadors, such as Lebanese-British TV presenter Raya Abirached and Tunisian actress Hend Sabri, to read chapters of the world-famous novel. Indian actress Sonam Kapoor was chosen to open the series of online readings, reading a chapter live from the brand’s Instagram account.

All contributions to the initiative will include a link to allow viewers and listeners to make voluntary donations to Save the Children, with IWC making the first donation. 


Le Petit Prince tells the story of a young prince on his journey to different planets, addressing themes such as loneliness, isolation, friendship, and love. It is a powerful and heartfelt reminder that caring for others is probably the one thing that can make us feel better.

If there’s one silver lining we can all find during the Coronavirus, it’s the opportunity it’s giving us to be kind and look after each other. Feeling helpless and desperately trying to cope? Keep an eye on IWC’s Instagram. Before you even know it, Le Petit Prince might make a huge difference.

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