Jacquemus and Nike Might Have Cooked Up the Hottest Collab of the Year

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 It’s undeniable, collaborations between global brands have become more and more frequent, and in fact dictate a great deal on what is cool today. After Fendi and Versace, Adidas and Gucci or Dior and Sacai, yet another luxury fashion house is adding itself to the already hefty list of high-end partnerships. This time, it’s the lavender scented Jaquemus label that has been working hand in hand with American sportswear brand Nike. 


Announced earlier today, the news sent seismic waves across social media, channeling a lot of excitement and enthusiasm. The collection will make its premiere during Jacquemus’ next outing next month in Paris, before being made available online and at selected Nike shops across the world. On June 28, all 15 pieces, which include clothes, footwear, and accessories, will be up for grabs on the French label’s own website. 

“For this collaboration with Nike, I wanted to create a collection that reinterprets athletic women’s sportswear in a minimal way. I have always been inspired by vintage ACG pieces and Nike campaigns from the ’90s. Having this imagery in mind, we designed women’s athletic wear with sensuous details and neutral colors, along with my own interpretation of the Humara, my favorite Nike shoe. It was important for the collection to be accessible for all bodies, and to be a natural blend of Jacquemus style and Nike performance,” said Simon Porte Jacquemus in a statement. 

Rumours of a possible collaboration have been circulating since the French designer’s SS22 presentation in Hawaii when models were seen embodying his latest textile creating wearing Nike sneakers. Once again, the partnership is proving that athletic-wear deserves a spot on the runway.  Sports isn’t only about performance or winning but also about expressing yourself in new ways — including what you wear. 

“When we collaborate at Nike, it’s always a 50-50 union where each partner comes together to advance the other forward in ways that couldn’t have been done alone. With Jacquemus, we drew from vintage ACG inspiration and the interweaving of Nike Dri-FIT fabric and considered footwear like the Humara to create a nexus of sport and style that could only be done through the shared lens of Nike x Jacquemus. Collaboration at Nike, and with partners like Jacquemus, allows us to expand the culture of sport and redefine it for the next generation,” says Jarrett Reynolds, Nike VP of Catalyst Apparel Design.

Blending two distinct energies and aesthetics together, this new line won’t only be seen all over this season, but it also promises a lot more to come in the future.


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