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Kanopi House in Port Antonio

5 Best Luxury Hotels in Jamaica

The Caribbean island done right

Kanopi House in Port Antonio

When thinking of the best hotels in Jamaica, colossal all-inclusive resorts are probably what comes to mind first. And although they are prevalent (as are colonial-style hotels) it’s not all the island-nation has to offer. 

The stunning Caribbean island has seen a new wave of hotels that have taken the region’s hotel scene by storm. From Negril to Montego Bay, these are the design-driven, eco-friendly, stunning hotels, for a different kind of stay in Jamaica. 

S Hotel Jamaica, Montego Bay

S Hotel Jamaica in Montego BayThe sister hotel to Kingston’s grandiose Spanish Court Hotel has taken the nation by storm—and its design has everything to do with it. Its 120 rooms are spacious and minimalist. The décor will have you questioning whether you’re actually on Miami’s South Beach, but the local Jamaican art hanging on the walls will reel you right back into the Jamaican vibe.

Kanopi House, Port Antonio

Kanopi House in Port AntonioA stay at a treehouse may not seem like the best idea for a Jamaican getaway, but a quick look at Kanopi House will change your mind. The eco-retreat is literally tucked into the Jamaican jungle, overlooking the crystal-clear waters of the Blue Lagoon. It’s the perfect hideaway. The best part? It’s entirely built from locally-sourced renewable materials.

Strawberry Hill, Blue Mountains

Strawberry Hill in Blue MountainsYes, Strawberry Hill might look like your average colonial-style resort on the surface, but its charm will have you looking way beyond that. The hotel was a Bob Marley favourite. It’s where the legendary musician retreated after being shot in 1976. The hotel, which is situated in the Blue Mountains of Jamaica, offers some of the nation’s most stunning views.

Rockhouse Hotel, Negril

Rockhouse Hotel in NegrilWhite sands and crystalline waters are abundant in Jamaica, but if you’re looking for a stay that’s a little bit more unique, the Rockhouse Hotel is where to go. The boutique hotel gets its name from its rocky surroundings, and sits on Negril’s scenic cliffs overlooking the Caribbean Sea.

Tensing Pen Resort, Negril

Tensing Pen Resort in NegrilLooking to book the ultimate hideaway? Tensing Pen Resort is it. The hotel is both stunning and intimate, comprised of 22 tidy cottages perfect for unplugging. This is where you can completely disconnect (there are no televisions, phones or radios). You’ll find yourself spending most of your days jumping into the water, snorkelling or taking a yoga class at their spa hut.

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