Shereen Abdo

The Cultural Initiative Highlighting Tunisian Talent

Jaou is putting Tunis on the map

Shereen Abdo

Launched in 2013 by art patron and Vice President of the Kamel Lazaar Foundation, Lina Lazaar, Jaou Tunis instantly became one of North Africa’s most exciting cultural initiatives.


Set to launch its fifth edition next week, Jaou brings together artists, curators and cultural thinkers together from all over the MENA region to host a series of cultural events that will play out over four days.


Centred around the idea of ‘approved heritage’, this year’s event is set to take place at a selection of forgotten, and more or less abandoned public spaces, where a series of discussions and exhibitions will explore the four elements: earth, fire, wind, and air.


To kick off the event, attendees were invited to an unconventional ‘silent symphony’, a theatrical performance held at Tunis Marine (Tunisia’s first railway station that’s still in use today) to link together the capital’s most populated neighbourhoods.


The event starts Wednesday June 27th and will run until Sunday July 1st.

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