Between Bodies and Boundaries, Jasadi is the Podcast Reclaiming the Female Body

A show like no other

Speaking from experience, podcasts have been some of the very few entertainment formats that have managed to save me from lingering boredom this past year. Not because music doesn’t make the cut anymore but as the pandemic has had us physically distanced, talking and addressing some of our dearest and deepest thoughts was practically impossible; late-night conversations that slipped away and we all needed to make up for them. 

If the craving to meet up with friends has made itself loud and clear in the past few months, these digitalized chats have become the somewhat perfect alternative to them. Why ? Because exchanging ideas does not necessarily need to be sophisticated in language, and that’s why podcasts are almost like lectures,  but on a more down-to-earth level. Jasadi understands that well, and has put it into practice brilliantly. 

Two of the Arab world’s pioneering brands, Kerning Cultures Network and Mauj, came together a little while ago to produce a groundbreaking audio show that tackles a convoy of subjects, topics and matters too many in the region tend to avoid and shy away from by fear of shame and taboo. We’re obviously referring to the female body. Now onto their third season, the program keeps on featuring anonymous true stories which provide precious first-hand accounts of the lives of women through their many struggles and accomplishments. 

“There is deep wisdom in women’s shared experiences. Our collective pain, suffering, pleasure, and joy should be more openly talked about, normalized, and celebrated. When these topics go unspoken of, it’s women who are the most vulnerable and at risk of violence and exploitation.” said Mauj’s founder. 

Unheard of in the MENA until now, the made by Arab women for Arab women production is a revolutionary one we should all closely pay attention to. The weekly series tries to shift a heavy paradigm that is well-anchored in the Arabic-speaking world (hence why the show is narrated in Arabic) and relentlessly proves how beneficial it is for all parties concerned to flag these topics up. 

With episodes released every Thursday, the process of change Jassadi is subscribing to is one to listen to carefully as destigmatisation and normalisation is a road that we need to urgently embark on. 


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