Kabreet duo

Kabreet Makes Sure Arabic Synth-Pop is Here to Stay

You’ll be playing ‘Film Faransi’ on repeat

Kabreet duo

Kabreet, the brainchild of Yemeni singer and songwriter Ibi Ibrahim and German producer Hanno Stecher might just become new favourite band. Four years after the release of their critically acclaimed ‘Momken Bokra’, they’re back and better than ever. The musical duo just dropped a new album—and you’re going to want to give it a listen. 

Written and produced during the first lockdown in Berlin, their project ‘Spring Sessions’ sees the Yemeni-German band go back to their roots: Arabic lyrics sung by Ibrahim, and synth-heavy beats produced by Stecher. 

The first single ‘Ana Mashi’ was released last July, with it came a pastel-drenched film starring the musical duo, in what seems like an vacant universe reminiscent of the loneliness experienced during lockdown.

For their second single ‘Film Faransi’, which translates to ‘French Film’, the duo just dropped their latest video. With lyrics evoke a sense of melancholy and romance, the music video recounts the journey of a young woman caught in feelings of remorse and longing, as she tries to let go of a past relationship. 

Shot by Iraqi-American cinematographer Tarek Turkey, the Hala Alsalman-directed music video is set in Turkey and stars Iraqi actress Zahraa Ghandour known for her roles in
The Journey and Baghdad In My Shadow.

You can watch it here:


Main photo by Shane Thomas McMillan

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