Kamel Mennour online exhibition

Algerian Gallerist Kamel Mennour to Open Online Exhibition

The renowned art-world figure is going digital

Kamel Mennour online exhibition

If you’re still not familiar with Kamel Mennour, now is the time to get to know him. Born in Algeria and raised in France, Mennour—who represents artists like Martin Parr and Anish Kapoor—is one of Paris’s most influential gallerists. And now he is launching his first virtual viewing room and online exhibition, entitled From Home.

With many of us having chosen work over relaxing at home for countless years, we’ve often sacrificed our relationships with our family, or simply indulging in down-time because we couldn’t “say no to our boss”. 

Kamel Mennour online exhibition Kamel Mennour online exhibition
Now forced into quarantine, we’re all learning to appreciate the underrated value of moments spent at home with, or without, our family. And this is exactly what Mennour’s exhibition, aptly titled
From Home, seeks to explore. 

Showcasing 25 works from artists like Neil Beloufa, Latifa Echakhch and Tadashi Kawamata, the exhibition looks at how artists have tackled this concept and imagined new ways of defining intimacy and comfort, making home both a place, a feeling, and an inspiration.

Kamel Mennour online exhibition
Make yourself at home and check out the exhibition

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