DONDA Drama: a Recap

*get the pop-corn*

Kanye’s talent for music is undeniable. And although most of us can agree on the fact that the almost entirety of his discography can be considered as no-skips, the Chicago-born rapper is somehow systematically involved in some drama, gossip and controversy, that no one can really ignore. 

After much hype and delay, West released his long-expected DONDA album which is named after his late mother who passed away over a decade ago. A string of 27 tracks drenched in typical Ye-like productions, DONDA is inviting and presents an interestingly wide and eclectic range of contributors on and around the project.

But although the artist is spoiling us with choice in terms of featuring, we quite frankly rather he didn’t. Marilyn Manson and DaBaby are both credited with verses or vocals on the album, both of which are still embroiled in scandals involving violence on women and beyond dubious comments in the past. As the rapper managed to make room for the two mentioned above, his choices on who to include angered notable figures such as Soulja Boy, who discovered that he had been scrapped off the tape upon its release without being notified beforehand.  

Another strange appearance is the one of Kim Kardashian (West? ) at Kanye’s latest listening-party. The reality star had filed for divorce back in February and are seemingly back in each other’s good books again after having wrapped herself in no other than a Balenciaga wedding gown reenacting them tying the knot for the sake of the show. After having decided to hibernate and devote all of his time on the project by living at the Mercedes-Benz stadium in Atlanta, it is the first time the couple have been seen together. According to a report by the American outlet TMZ, the couple are in fact not back together although Kim would like to still remain supportive of her ex-husband’s creative endeavours. 

Last but not least, can we even mention the release without touching upon Ye’s recent beef with Drake. Both rappers had already gotten under each other’s skin in the past and are hitting it back again through cryptic messages online and a rancorous leaking of the Canadian rapper’s address on Instagram. Aren’t they tired of it?

Within hours after the project was made available online, Kanye went up to claim that the album was published without his consent – enough drama to provide us with another episode to this tumultuous adventure. Set to break daunting records regardless of the controversies, the almost 2-hour long musical drive is a clear victory by chaos that none of us are really ready to forget anytime soon. Listen to it, tell us what you think.

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