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The Galleries Shaping Kuwait City’s Art Scene

Take note.

When talking about the region’s art scene, a few familiar places come to mind (the UAE, Lebanon, and more recently Morocco). At first glance, Kuwait might not be a key player—but after taking a closer look, you’ll realize that that’s actually far from the truth.


The gulf nation’s art scene is thriving, in fact, it has been for quite some time. With gallery spaces having been open for over four decades, art is quietly embedded in the DNA of Kuwaiti society. And from the looks of it, that’s not going to change.


So if you’re looking to break onto the scene, or are just planning to pop into the city for a quick visit, these are the galleries to check out.



Den Gallery


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Artwork by Khaled Al Najdi Women At The Balcony, 2018 Mixed media 120×120 cm

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Since opening in 2015, Den Gallery has solidified itself as a key player in the Kuwaiti art scene. From painters and digital artists to sculptors, the gallery—which got its start thanks to 10 local Kuwaiti artists—has showcased the work of artists from all throughout the region, embracing all mediums.


Contemporary Art Platform (CAP)


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An Israeli soldier points his gun at the Palestinian youth, asked to strip down as he stands at a military checkpoint along the separation barrier at the entrance of Bethlehem, March 2006 ——— Aramesh’s Action series are sculptural-cinematic reenactments of episodes of violence and humiliation perpetrated by men upon men across conflict zones. He singles out individual scenes of violence from journalistic snapshots and through his artistic process intentionally removes everything but the essence of each image. ——— Reza Aramesh Action 105, 2015 Hand-carved polychrome lime-wood, glass eyes and concrete plinth 39 x 39 x 96 cm ——— Currently on view at CAP #kuwait ——— #palestine #exhibition #art #sculpture #reenactment #rezaaramesh

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As one of the largest gallery spaces in the gulf, CAP has been the go-to spot for local and international artists to showcase their work, and a must-see for art enthusiasts. Established by art collector Amer Huneidi in 2011, CAP has been on a mission to develop the local creative scene, and over the years, having hosted some of Kuwait’s most enticing exhibitions from Occupied: a Selection of Palestinian Artworks to Layers of Identity, it’s safe to say the gallery is doing just that.


Dar Al Funoon


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“red” by ghadah alkandari, catch the exhibition at Dar Al Funoon until November 1st ?

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As one of Kuwait City’s longest running gallery spaces, Dar Al Funoon is not one to miss. Having opened its doors in 1994, the space has been at the helm of the development of the nation’s art scene, and today, the space continues to hold its position as a premier destination to explore local artwork.


The Sultan Gallery


With a 40-year history, Sultan Gallery is without a doubt one of Kuwait’s major art spaces. And since its renovation and reopening in 2006, the space has shifted its focus towards contemporary Arab art with the goal of sparking up debates surrounding Arab culture and identity. If you’re into photography, this is the place to go to discover some of the region’s best work as they’ve recently ventured in to showcasing other mediums too, so there’s always something for everyone.

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