Kuwaiti YouTuber Raises $1M to Help Refugees

A clear win for everyone involved

Watching people stream themselves playing games online might not be everyone’s cup of tea, but if it’s for the right cause it may as well be. Kuwaiti YouTuber Hassan Suleiman, known as “Abu Fella” across social media platforms, has recently just managed to collect a staggering $1,000,000 in donations to come in help and support thousands of refugees in the region.

Through a 24-hour live stream, the young entertainer partnered up with the UNHCR to raise awareness and gather funds to provide for the displaced communities of the Arab World that are about to go into the winter season with insufficient means to keep afloat. It is reported that over 4 million users followed the campaign as it took place with over 30.000 of this same number putting their hands into their pockets to charitably donate.


“I did not expect to collect this much money during this time, and I thought that it would take a week or two to collect this sum, but the enthusiasm of the followers and their eagerness to do good had a great impact. I thank them and I pray to God to reward them for their good deeds.” He went on to say, “The love of people and this large number of followers is a blessing from God, and any person, if he succeeds in any field, must not forget the needy” commented the regional rising star.

Considered as one of the fastest-growing channels on the platform, the initiative will be able to provide to around 6,000 displaced families which represents about 17,000 people. With over 5.5 million Syrian refugees registered by the UN in the region, it is safe to say that GEN-Z’s are doing more than just their fair share to solve this global issue and it is something that we can only applaud and salute from our end.

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