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8 Lebanese IG Accounts to Follow

From daring fashion designers to brilliant visual studios

Lebanon is known for many things—for one, the capital city of Beirut was once dubbed the Paris of the Middle East. But despite political unrest and the influx of refugees that has shaken up the nation in recent years, Lebanon has managed to nurture a thriving creative scene.


And if you’re looking to keep up with what Lebanon has to offer, no better way to get an insider-look than to browse through the feeds of its emerging talents—and we’ve rounded them up for you.





Founder and designer of the gender-neutral label Boyfriend the Brand, Jreissaty shares snippets of his everyday life in Beirut and across the world during his travels—and occasionally sneak peeks of what’s to come to his brand.





Beirut-based publisher Plan Bey is the one of the city’s premier design and production workshops, hosting their very own (and super cool) exhibitions where they put their own artisans and publications on the spotlight.





The Lebanese blogger splits her time between Muscat and Beirut, and as a result, her feed is chock-full of photos of Sibai posing in her ultra-stylish ensembles in the two cities’ hottest spots.





Happy Saturday ?? #haydebeirut

Une publication partagée par Yasmine Darwiche (@yasminedarwich) le

To get a sense of the Lebanese creative talent out there, be sure to check out Yasmine Darwiche’s IG. The illustrator’s colourful, electic and ultra-detailed pieces will definitely liven up your feed.





I put the ‘glory’ in ‘gloryhole’. XD ? @vkurumilian

Une publication partagée par Lary BS (@larybs) le

If you’re looking for laugh, Lary is a must-follow, The comedian built a cult following for his eccentric personality, and recently launched his very own weekly comedy show—extending the laughter to an even wider audience.





Photo transfer sketches for YA OMRI (104 Wrinkles) يتابع هادي عبر السنين شيخوخة جدّته هنريات التي تخطّت مئة سنة من الحياة ويرصد تحوّل الذاكرة والهجرة من لبنان إلى البرازيل وقصص الحب والأولاد والوقت المعلّق. “يا عمري”: سيرة شيخوخة وذاكرة وحياة. Hady follows his grandmother Henriette as she ages and crosses the centenarian milestone to reach 104 years. He witnesses the transformation of her memory, her emigration from Lebanon to Brazil and the stories of love, children and suspended time. 104 WRINKLES is a journey about aging, memory and life. Cinematographer: Muriel Aboulrouss Sound: Mouhab Shanesaz Editing: Hady Zaccak-Elias Shaheen Sound design: Emile Aouad Research: Hady Zaccak E-Loading: Farah Alameh Translation: Malek Abi Nader Production: ZAC Films, Lebanon In association with Aura and Home of cinejam Written, Directed and Produced by: Hady Zaccak

Une publication partagée par Studio Kawakeb (@studiokawakeb) le

If you’re an art buff and want the low-down on Beirut’s design scene, a look at Studio Kawakeb’s IG feed is a must. The visual design studio constantly shares photos of their work, and often projects taking place in and around Lebanon.




Founder of one of the coolest Lebanese labels (Super Yaya 100%), Rym Beydoun’s feed is reflective of her brand. The young designer posts a collection of close-up selfies to paintings to random shots of her surroundings.




Photographer (and occasional DJ) Ayla Hibri has been in the regional art scene for quite some time, making a name for herself as a talented photographer documenting different areas within the Arab World.


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