10 Things I Hope Remain After Lockdown Ends

Let’s start with over-productivity

Let’s be honest, being under lockdown isn’t explicitly fun. But that doesn’t mean it hasn’t come with a set of unique life lessons for most of us. 

With the majority of the world having been in quarantine for the better part of the last two months, it’s safe to say that life has been different. A new normal is shaping itself, and it’s potentially better for all of us, and the planet. 

With the virus still wreaking havoc across the globe and social distancing measures expected to remain for the long-haul, it’s probably wise for us to embrace some of the better aspects of lockdown.

From giving planet earth a much needed break, to the end of the societal rat-race – these are some of the things we hope won’t end, even if lockdowns do.  

People caring for one another

Understanding that we are a part of a wider community 

The end of the productivity race

Embracing JOMO rather than FOMO

Indulging in the simple things like a simple walk in nature 

A decrease in our carbon footprint

Staying local rather than booking far-away vacations

Shifting our work habits to value our lives more 

The powers that be finally holding human life above the economy

Social media’s good side triumphing its harmful effects

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