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Lolo Zouai is Coach’s Newest Star

The Algerian songstress ventures into the fashion world

If there’s one thing for sure this season, Coach is having a major comeback. So it only makes sense the American fashion label taps into one of the world’s biggest rising stars, Lolo Zouai for their latest campaign. 

Fresh off releasing her latest track ‘Galipette’ and a remix featuring Korean superstar Bibi, the Algerian singer is the face of the label’s Camo Collection. Zouai is featured in the campaign alongside American actors Michael B Jordan and Quincy among others. 

This isn’t a first for the songstress. Lolo Zouai previously fronted the label’s Fall 2019 campaign, which was shot by renowned photographer Jurgen Teller. 


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The camouflage-themed collection, which includes everything from t-shirts, sneakers to sweats and hoodies, was shot for the campaign by Bladi Corniel. Lolo Zouai is lensed by the photographer (who is part of AWGE creative agency spearheaded by A$AP Rocky) wearing a shearling, leather-lined vest with a camo-printed t-shirt underneath with a camo bag hanging over her shoulders.

“It was pouring. We spent a bunch of time doing the glam and then I had to hide under trees and it felt like a rainforest” the singer said about the campaign in an interview. “But the shoot was great. The photographer, Bladi Corniel, was amazing, and it just was super fun and easy.

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