Algerian Singer Lolo Zouai is Back with Mind-Bending Visuals

The up-and-coming singer is not afraid to experiment new sounds and looks

Just in time for the Olympics, the Algerian-American artist is boxing her way back into the scene almost two years after her breakout album titled High Highs to Low Lows was released back in 2019. With moments very reminiscent of Flip Schulke’s photographs of boxing legend Muhammad Ali standing in a swimming pool, Lolo Zouai is showing how she can punch above her weight category again through the revealing of the very wild and disruptive “Galipette” video.

Provocative in its essence, the clip, directed by Amber Grace Johnson, harnesses and encapsulates the many visual and sound experiments both artist and crew wanted to put forward through this artistic piece.

Describing it herself as the “craziest song” she’s ever made, the track is a cocktail of sensual brutality blending Lolo’s smooth and silky singing with fragmented rap bars and flows. Also balancing lyrics between French and English, the up-and-coming singer and songwriter is leaving heartbreaks and heartaches behind, trading her usual nineties and R&B aesthetic for a more explosive and transgressive beat to stand out. 

Floating and exploring different realms, styles and genres of music, the very French influenced chorus is certainly another reminder of the artist’s rich roots and desire to experiment outside of her customary comfort zone.

Knocking the viewers out with breathtaking gymnasts and giant teddy bears while serving sensuous and lush looks, Lolo Zouaï’s latest music video is a captivating and refreshing mixture of music, fashion and style that demonstrates a high level of production and creative genius that we can’t wait to see more of in the near future.

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