Looking Back at Our Most Read Articles of 2021

The year’s top is finally out.

It’s that time again. We look forward to the new year, but in turn, we reflect on learning the lessons of the past. We at MILLE are no different, as we take a deep dive into our 2021 in review.

2022 has come at full speed. Yes, the first week of the new year is already over. You had to be there to witness it, but we can definitely agree on the fact that the past 365 days were quite eventful to say the least.

It’s never too late to go on a quick trip down memory lane for us to discover or rediscover some of last year’s most popular pieces published. Here’s our top 10:

8 Arab Architects Who Shaped the World

You’re probably already familiar with the late Zaha Hadid, but there’s more than one Arab architect worthy of the spotlight. We shine a bright light on some of our favourite talents.


Is Dating Out of the Community Really that Bad ?

Growing up abroad comes with its own set of challenges. Dating a foreigner? Among the hardest for writer Yassine Hariss.


Take Your Ramadan to the Next Level with Musalsal Gucci

This past Ramadan, MILLE teamed up with Gucci to create the region’s very own fashion musalsal.


10 Fire Arab Rap Verses That You Need to Hear

From Amman to Sudan, Arab rap is taking over. These are the tracks you need on your playlist.


When Selfcare Becomes Toxic

You might not think it’s possible, but positivity can be toxic.


How I Explain Saudi’s Societal Changes to my Parents

With the Kingdom undergoing numerous changes, young Saudis contemplate their parents’ reactions.


The Palestinian Influencers Who Chose Their Country Over Brand Deals

As the world rallied in support of Palestine, influencers across the globe didn’t shy away from getting political. Here’s why.


 4 Arab Women on Not Wanting to Get Married

Despite societal expectations, these Arab women are going against the grain.


The Instagram Accounts Highlighting the Best of Arab Kitsch

If there’s one thing we love, it’s everything kitsch, and everything Arab. These accounts give us just that.


The Arab Rap Songs We Can’t Stop Listening To

Time and time again, Arab rap proves that its dominating the scene. Consider this playlist is your introduction.


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