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Lost in the Medina

If the walls could talk…

If walls could talk, what would the old medina say? They’d probably tell you unheard stories of the people who passed through its ancient winding streets. They’d tell you about the thousands of hours spent sat on its chairs, and the millions of coffee cups set on its tables.

If the medina walls could talk, you’d probably hear the riotous sounds of countless steps and centuries of melodic tunes blasting out of hidden rooms.

With a nod to the city’s past and an eagerness for the future, the medina is the gateway to the present. Tunisian model Azza Slimene—shot and directed by London-based filmmaker duo Machine Operated (Joshua Hercules and Nathan Taylor), wears Saint Laurent Spring 19.

In this video, she reminisces about her childhood, signifying the medina’s vibrant energy but inherent nostalgia to the hum of folk song Lilliri Ya Menna.

Directed by: Machine Operated / Joshua Hercules and Nathan Taylor
Creative Direction: Sofia Guellaty
Make-up: Coco Mohammed
Model: Azza Slimene
Production: MILLE
Assistant: Amine Ben Salah
Special thanks to: Dar el Jeld Hotel in the Tunisian Medina

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