Louis Vuitton billiards

Step Up Your Quarantine Game With a Louis Vuitton Billiards Table

Move over fast fashion, investment home décor is in

Louis Vuitton billiards

With the global pandemic trapping us in our houses, we’re all trying to find ways to adapt to our new normal – brands included

The future of fashion shows will now be digitised, and a group of influential designers (including Dries Van Noten and Marine Serre) have called to change the fashion calendar, in a bid to make the industry more environmentally friendly.

In the midst of this fashion revolution, Louis Vuitton is proposing an object that is built to endure, something that can be handed down, and used in abundance during quarantine: a billiards table.

Louis Vuitton billiards

This stunning game set is the latest piece of the French luxury house’s ever-expanding made-to-order games collection, which includes chess and backgammon travel cases, poker and croquet trunks. Available in the iconic Monogram motif, the table also comes in the darker Monogram Eclipse and Damier Graphite. 

If you’re looking for fun activities to spice up your new domesticated life, why not invest in beautiful pieces that are worth keeping around for generations to come.

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