A Surfer’s Magical Road-Trip Across Jamaica

We’ll take a one-way ticket please.

“My travel pictures are spontaneous. I really wanted to test a camera that my uncle had given to me, so I took five rolls and started shooting everything around me.” Says 26-year-old Canadian-Tunisian photographer, Oumayma Ben Tanfous.



The sweeping landscapes were captured whilst Oumayma travelled around Jamnesia (a surf camp ran by a family of artists and surfers). “I simply documented what was going on around me. If I were hanging out with surfers while they were waiting for the waves, I would take a picture. If I was on a fishing boat, I would shoot the fishermen. Nothing was ever staged”.




Oumayma has felt particularly inspired by Jamaica. She randomly met local artist Jah Tiger at Boston Bay, while he was singing Mr. 2 Face in the streets, a song he collaborated with American rapper Action Bronson on.




“What surprised me the most is the lifestyle of locals that is so different to what I am used to. I really enjoyed it. Most tourists in Jamaica choose resorts or a fancy Airbnb, which is unfortunate because this country is so much more than a good cocktail with a view”.


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