Maluma’s New Favorite Label is Moroccan

Welcome to Aslan World

Not many brands can actually be classified as daring or divergent. But Aslan can. The high-end custom Moroccan label is behind everything from prêt-à-porter garments to edgy accessories. They’re a celebrity favourite, with the likes of superstar singers Maluma and Willow Smith proudly flaunting their pieces on set, stage and online.

Playing with polished metallic mesh across most of their creations, the label—which was only launched in the past year—gives new life to an aesthetic you wouldn’t have thought to revive: that of the medieval era. And in many ways, their pieces transcend time, reinventing the old to juxtapose it with an avant-garde vision the label clearly carries.  

And we’re here for it. Because of course, experimentation should always be embraced and celebrated. By the looks of it, this is just the beginning for Aslan. The brand’s founder, CJ Aslan, boasts levels of creativity that seemingly know no borders or barriers at all. The young up-and-coming Moroccan director and designer continuously explores surrealism through ethereal-like concepts and inimitable pieces most outlets and galleries are starting to lock their eyes on.

Aslan’s 2021 look book is fresh, innovative and connects “ the idea of dream and fantasy with the everyday world,” as they’ve put it. 

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