Marwan Moussa Is Making His Acting Debut This Year

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After having conquered the region’s scene last year following the release of his chart-topping EP 3a2d E7teraf, Egyptian MC Marwan Moussa has reached staggering levels of superstardom in the music industry. Already exporting himself abroad after notably selling out venues in Paris, Berlin, and London, as his growing notoriety and influence have extended past the sonic industry’s limits, the 28-year-old artist is now officially on his way to making his breakthrough in the silver screen.

The Batal 3alam singer has reportedly been called up by celebrated publicity director Ali Ali, the ad industry’s celebrated genius, to both embark on their maiden voyages as filmmaker and actor, respectively, with the upcoming release of Smokey Eyes. Though this is their first collaboration on the big screen, the pair previously joined forces for the music video of the hit song Tesla, in which Moussa experimented with a new visual style in the form of a bleak prison sequence.

Considered one of the most distinguished ad directors globally, Ali’s first-ever short film carries high expectations as since his initial directorial effort Never Say No to Panda, which clinched a Gold Lion at the Cannes Film Festival and raked in more than 90 million views on YouTube, audiences are yet to have seen more from the esteemed visual producer.

Although no further information regarding the debut film has been revealed so far, it has been officially announced that Smokey Eyes will star fellow Egyptian actor Hassan Abouelrouss and will be lensed by Beirut-based cinematographer Pierre Mouarkech, a frequent collaborator on Ali’s ventures.

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