marwan pablo ban

Marwan Pablo is Now Banned from Performing in Egypt

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marwan pablo ban

Active on the scene since 2015, Marwan Pablo is undeniably a pioneer in Egypt’s hip hop scene. Even after a year-long hiatus, the rapper came back strong, quickly regaining his position as one of the region’s most popular rappers. 

His comeback song, Ghaba garnered 18 million views on YouTube since its release in February. Unfortunately, his return hasn’t come without obstacles. 

On October 3, the Egyptian Musicians Syndicate, an organisation headed by singer Hany Shaker, banned the young rapper from performing. The syndicate infamously banned Mahraganat singers from doing the same a few years ago. 

The decision came after Marwan was deemed to have mocked a well-known religious chant in Egypt called “Mawlay Eny Bebabak”. The syndicate deemed the rapper’s behaviour as extremely offensive and consequently banned him from performing in Egypt.

The incident took place at a concert on Friday alongside Palestinian rapper Shabjdeed, who sang a modified version of ‘Mawlay’ by changing the word ‘Mawlay’ which means ‘My Lord’ to ‘Marwan’.

Shabjeed subsequently issued an apology. Marwan has yet to comment on the decision.

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