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Maisan 15’s Latest Exhibition is Asking All the Right Questions

“Why do we have gaps in our memories?”

Prada’s latest campaign asked the world what utopia do we strive for. But the fashion isn’t the only one putting life to question. Dubai-based restaurant and gallery Maisan15’s latest exhibition is probing the Middle East for answers too. 

The exhibition, entitled ‘We Are Wondering’ brings together six young UAE-based artists to explore the confusion, wonders and introspection they experienced in recent months.


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The exhibition explores the concept of wonder through the mediums of collage, painting, photography, graphic design, and video art. Every art piece is accompanied with intriguing and introspective questions. “These visceral questions, entirely generated by the artists, invite the audience to reflect on this past year and revisit their intentions as 2021 unfolds,” curator Daniel H. Rey told Gulf Today

Next to collages of childhood photographs by artist Maryam AlHuraiz, one question reads “Why do we have gaps in our memories?”. 


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The piece is displayed alongside photographer Mariam Alkatheeri’s ‘Creativity Revolution’.

“I called this art piece ‘Creativity Revolution’ because it really identified what I was feeling after being locked down for more than a month,” she added

Other artists include co-founder of Dubai’s Nine01 art studio Ziad Al Najjar, illustrator Lubnah Ansari, the face of Burberry’s latest campaign and graphic designer Zeid Jaouni, and Lily Wallis. 


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The exhibition is supported by various curators and artists from the region such as Munira Al Sayegh, Aliyah Alawadhi, Zuhoor Al Sayegh and Rami Farook. 

This isn’t Farook’s first contribution to local talents, the Emirati artist is a hidden force behind Dubai’s burgeoning creative scene. His now-closed public space General 3am, which was set in the heart of Dubai Design District, represented a refuge for local artists.

‘We Are Wondering’ will run until January 31, 2021


Main Photo Courtesy of Mariam-Alkatheeri

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