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MBC Pulls Out all of the Stops for its New Series

Introducing Rashash

Available on the MBC-founded streaming service Shahid, Rashash is one of the Middle East’s latest productions and it looks very promising, to say the least. 

Through eight episodes, the multimillion-dollar budget thriller follows Rashash, a notorious murderer and drug trafficker in the 1980s and the police’s effort to track him down and take the renowned bandit to court. Penned by no other than Tony Jordan, recognised for having written Hustle and British tv-series EastEnders, he is accompanied this time by Cheikha Soha al-Khalifa as well as Richard Bellamy.

The Saudi-owned group has called on an A-list production team appointing Colin Teague (Doctor Who, Jekyll and Hyde) as director of the show. The blood-drenched series leaves little room for the fantastic to prevail and diametrically grants space for the gore, intense thrill and stress to take over. 

Releasing one episode a week for the past couple of Thursday’s, the series, which was met with immense success from within our region, can be explained by its agile decision of picking talented local actors. Saudi actor Yagoub Al-Farhan plays the eponymous role of Rashash Al-Otaibi, Nayef Al-Dhufairi the one of Officer Fahd as well as Khalid Yaslam as Chief Azam to name just a few. 

The show did manage to ignite some heated debates online causing controversy on whether it is appropriate or not to cast  light on the life of a criminal. What was initially supposed to be an age-restricted show quickly became popular amongst younger audiences, teenagers mainly, which only added more fuel to the fire while also participating in making the show trend even further across social media. 

Weaving drama, dark comedy and real-life based events through one string, the show is one that many were expecting and it is safe to say that it is probably this summer’s regional hit that we all need to catch up on.

To watch the trailer:

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