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Meditation Apps to Help Curb Your Coronavirus Anxiety

Don’t forget about your mental health

Living through a pandemic is stressful. Outside of everyday stress triggers, there’s the looming possibility of grave circumstances—which can hopefully be mitigated through proper precautions by government bodies, international organisations, communities, and individuals. 

Seeing as many countries are in states of emergencies, anxieties are running high across the globe. And it’s important to put your mental health at the forefront during this time. That means getting a stock of your prescriptions to keep at home in case of emergency for those who take medicine. It’s also a good time to add a few healthy habits to your routine, meditation is one of them.

If you’re not the type to meditate on your own, we’ve rounded up some apps that can help. 

The premise of the app is simple. Here you can listen to various calming sounds, like fire crackling or rain falling. You can also integrate Calm’s ten-minute daily meditations into your routine. 

You start with a 10-day beginner’s course where you essentially learn how to meditate. Then you gain access to a ton of guided meditation sessions. 

If you’re looking for something a bit more personalised. Aura is the app you need to download. You’ll be asked questions first, and then will begin receiving daily three-minute meditations based on your responses. 

Simple Habit
Simple Habit gives you a choice in scenarios to tailor your meditations. Going through a heartbreak? There’s a mediation session for that. 

If you’re looking for longer meditation sessions, Mindfulness is for you. You can choose sessions that last up to 30 minutes, both guided or silent.

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