Meet Fahd El, the Man Behind One of the Funniest Accounts on TikTok

In conversation with the online comedian


Whichever platform you find yourself scrolling on, the odds of coming across Fahd El’s contagious smile on YouTube, Instagram, or even TikTok, are, let’s face it, high. The 27-year-old, who kicked off his digital career as a comedian in his childhood bedroom in Belleville, is now moving up the ranks of fame and success as he is now recognized as one of France’s top comedians for his side-stitching short skits and jokes. 

With a diverse catalogue of content and rich range of skills, the social media star has captured the attention of 1.2 million TikTok users and 2.1 million  subscribers on YouTube, all while defusing his humor and positive energy onto those that make the decision to keep up with the Egyptian-Algerian comedian. 


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Une publication partagée par Fahd EL (@fahd.el)

“People are looking for more authentic and natural content these days. Those are the videos that tend to generate the most numbers,” the comedian told MILLE. “Having a super-edited, thought-out video is not necessarily it anymore. The less complicated, the better. Subscribers want to know how their favorite creators and creatives are like in real life and that’s what these videos do. They’re some of the ones I enjoying making the most, so for me, it’s a win-win,” he explained.

From writing, acting, and editing his own skits to generating numbers most of us could only wish for, El was recently called up to become part of the great Montblanc family by becoming one of the Alpine label’s latest muses.

Already used to paying his native Algeria annual visits over the summer, taking time off by Egypt’s world-famed Pyramids, or randomly catching flights to discover further lands and newer cultures, the newly-minted model was recently invited to sartorially express his jet-setting lifestyle through a collection that encapsulates just that.


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Une publication partagée par Fahd EL (@fahd.el)

“I’m here to introduce some ideas, try new things, explore others, all on different platforms. I express myself best on social media by being myself wherever I am,” El shared.

“It’s just insane to think that Montblanc thought of me for their latest line. I don’t think I’m realizing it just yet, but I guess that once I’ll  see the pics, I’ll finally deep it,” He mused. 

His online journey kicked off nearly a decade ago through a series of short, funny videos recounting relatable situations, iconic moments, and whimsical stories to an audience that keeps on asking for more since 2014. Owning up to his humble beginnings and never shying away from them, the young creator claims to be on a mission to challenge the plethora of stigmas associated with being from some quarters of the Parisian capital. 

“I started in my bedroom, in Belleville, and from one thing to the other, I started gaining a following. I think that I’m quite lucky in not having had to deal with popularity all in one go. In my case, numbers increased progressively over the years, while studying, through content that would mirror what my daily life would look like.

“I’m someone who’s from the popular neighborhoods of Paris, the ones you don’t see on TV. Today, I’m trying to challenge the negative preconception surrounding these areas of the capital. I want to show people that it’s not just drugs and people doing nothing at the bottom of their block. There’s loads of creativity happening; people are there for each other,  and those are the values I’m trying to communicate through my content,” explained the comedian. 

“We’ve been put in boxes for so long and it’s time for us to break away from them. We’re full of talent, hard work, and ambition that can go far — without being rappers or footballers,” he declared. “It makes me proud to know that some might look up to me and at this point, I’m happy with the recognition I’m getting.”


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Une publication partagée par Fahd EL (@fahd.el)

El has also proved to not be immune to the abundance of creativity and inspiration there is around him. Already quite popular in the industry that made his fame, the 27-year-old seems confident in the objectives that have been met so far without being afraid to show his desire to grow and expand in other industries too. 

“I’d like to try longer formats, why not cinema?” he said. “I obviously enjoy acting and above all, writing. That’s what I’d love to head towards, but again fashion and modeling are also some things I keep an eye out for. I love clothes, since childhood. It’s a way to express yourself depending on who you’re seeing, the weather, the mood, and so on. I do try my best to stay on top of trends but it’s not the easiest thing to do. My last coup de coeur? Definitely the last range of Sacais,” he shared. 

As for that he has planned for the rest of the year? “For 2022, I want to enjoy what I do most and the rest is mektoub,” he shared. “I’ll probably only allow myself to rest the day I see myself on a Billboard and hopefully, I’ll manage to make that happen sooner rather than later.”

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