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Meet The Egyptian Traveler Going from Egypt to Japan–Without Boarding a Plane

Without ever getting on a plane or

Omar Nok, one of Egypt’s most adventurous travelers, is in the midst of an extraordinary convention-defying journey. He’s making his way from Egypt to Japan—without ever boarding a plane.

Nok’s remarkable expedition began on Feb. 8 when he left Cairo and crossed the Red Sea to Saudi Arabia via a cargo ferry. From there, his journey took him through Tabuk, AlUla, and Jeddah, before he drove into the UAE. Now, on day 134 of his adventure, Nok has reached Kazakhstan.

In a conversation with Arab News Japan, the adventurer shared his passion for overland travel. “I love overland travel because it allows me to see so much of the world, not just select spots,” he said. “I chose Japan because it’s the farthest country from Egypt that I could think of.”


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Having traveled extensively across Europe and America, he noted that this trip marks his first venture eastward.

Throughout his journey, Nok has been engaging his social media followers, posting daily videos that capture his location, activities, and the stunning landscapes he encounters.

Some might wonder how he manages such extensive travel with an Egyptian passport, which ranks 75th on the Passport Index 2024.

“In addition to my Egyptian passport, I have a German one,” he revealed to the publication. “I use both, depending on the country. For instance, I used my German passport in Saudi Arabia and the UAE because it allows for visa on arrival.”

However, for countries like Iran, he utilized his Egyptian passport, which permits entry without a visa.

When asked about his visa strategy, the traveler said he’s “going with the flow,” applying for visas as needed based on his next destination. He secured his Afghan visa while in Iran.

Noks’s route is flexible and influenced by the seasons. “In the winter, I’ll head south to warmer places like India. In the summer, I’ll move north,” he explained.

Initially planning to travel to Turkmenistan after Iran, he has had to adjust his route when his visa application was denied. He remains adaptable, zigzagging to maximize his experience and navigate favorable weather.

Nok anticipates reaching Japan by next summer. He addresses questions about the journey’s length by emphasizing the importance of the experience. “If it were just about getting to Japan, I could do it in two weeks,” he said. “But I’m taking time to rest and explore.”


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A post shared by Omar Nok | عُمَر (@omar.nok)

At 29, he is mindful of the challenges, including language and cultural barriers, though he finds Asian countries safer than Latin America. Finding travel information in Asia has proven more difficult than in Europe or Latin America, pushing him to rely more on local interactions.

Nok noted the scarcity of fellow foreign travelers in Asia compared to Europe, making his journey more solitary but also enriching. He strives to visit each country with an open mind, undeterred by negative media portrayals.

His daily vlogs have garnered a significant following, now over 132,000 strong on Instagram, attracting a diverse audience from around the world, including many from Japan who eagerly await his arrival.

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