Meet the Saudi Artist Collaborating with Dior

Manal Aldowayan is their new muse

Dior’s Lady Art range is one known for celebrating women, expression and originality through fashion. For its sixth edition, the French luxury brand called on one of KSA’s most influential contemporary artists to take on this year’s iteration. Meet Manal Dowayan.

As the tradition goes, the high-end label gives full carte blanche to a select cohort of creatives. From size to fabric, buckle, handle and even stitching, the designated designers could reshape the signature bag however their mind could envision it. 

Dowayan is one of the twelve international names taking part this year. First to be hailing from the region and represent it proudly through this exclusive line, the confirmed artist, best known for her participatory installations called “Suspended Together” in 2011, gave birth to three distinctively unique carryalls that draw inspiration from her own roots, past and heritage.

Making use of photographic imagery, elegant embroideries and charming sculptural pieces, Manal even gave Dior an empowering Arab twist by transcribing the powerhouse’s spelt-out logo in Arabic – clear evidence of her attachment to the region.


The class of 2021 included other major names such as Gisela Colon, Zhang Huan, Antonin Hako, Zhang Huan and Lina Iris Viktor to mention just a few. The limited-edition collection, which is known for blending different cultures with the label’s historic aura, will be available through specific requests only. 

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