Meet the Young Skateboarder Putting Morocco on the Map

21-year-old Moroccan skater Adnane Yagoubi is one to watch

While Morocco’s Atlantic beaches have now become synonymous with world-class surf spots, you probably don’t think of the North African country when it comes to skateboarding. But despite the lack of resources, the growing scene is finally getting some international acclaim.


MILLE caught up with Morocco’s home-grown skate star, 21-year-old Adnane Yagoubi, to get the lowdown on the skate scene, the city’s best spots and his influences.



How did you get into skating?

I started skating in 2012 because I moved to a new house and the first guys I met were skaters. I instantly felt like it was going to be my thing. But back then the scene was really poor.


How has it changed since?

It’s far better now! People are used to seeing us skate in the streets and loads of people are actually curious to know more about the culture in general. The rise of street culture on an international scale has had a positive impact on the local scene. We want to put Morocco and our culture on the map.



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Are you sponsored already?

Yes, Atlas Skateboarding, Hype Peace and Wasted Paris are my sponsors. It’s giving me much more opportunities, and I’m not sleeping on them! I really want to get more exposure and push my creativity to the maximum.


What’s your favourite skateboarding moment so far?

Damn, all skate moments are epic! The first time I ever won a skate contest was something I can’t even describe.



What’s the best Moroccan city for skating?

Definitely the capital, Rabat, where I’m from. We’ve got many good spots, people are laid back and the ground feels like butter.


What’s your skate shoe of choice?

Adidas or Converse.


Your go-to skate song?

Skepta – It Ain’t Safe.


Who’s your biggest inspiration?

My dad.


What are your goals for the future?

Let’s get it!

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