MishMosh is the Saudi Creative Agency Changing the Game

This is how you champion homegrown talent


The past couple of years have seen a spotlight turned on Saudi Arabia. From reforms granting new freedoms to women to a newfound cultural calendar that’s filled to the brim, a new generation of unapologetic young Saudi creatives are ready to assert themselves. 

That’s where 32-year-old Saudi artist and entrepreneur Huda Beydoun comes in. When you think of Saudi’s creative scene, she wants you to think of MishMosh—her newly launched Saudi-based creative agency dedicated to giving a vital voice to young, up-and-coming Saudi creatives

Born in Jeddah, Beydoun started her artistic career as a painter and digital artist, having exhibited at Athr Gallery and ROOM NO.5 in Jeddah as well as Amber Gallery in Morocco.

In 2017, she decided to move to Paris for a career in the fashion industry. 

She returned to her home country in 2020, and that’s when Beydoun realised no proper frustrate existed to support creative careers. “I thought why not make it with the support of the people around me”, she says before adding, “I wanted to make it easy for the suitable local talent to be found by the global brands looking to localize their campaigns, capsules, or what may be”. 

mishmoshmishmoshWith a pandemic in play, this year is arguably the toughest and most challenging in decades for many across the world, particularly in creative businesses. Despite this, Beydoun is convinced 2020 is the perfect moment to launch MishMosh. “Things have massively shifted. There’s an explosion of talent in the Saudi fashion industry that ought to be appreciated and grown”, she continues.

Dedicated to spotlighting homegrown Saudi talent, Beydoun is willing to encourage Saudis to reclaim their identity in the face of colonial narratives. As she notes, “for a while, we were influenced by the western culture we were exposed to but creatives now have the courage to break completely and experiment with their own independent visions”. Moving away from tired stereotypes about the Kingdom, their work aims to reflect the country how it really is: multifaceted.

Featuring photographers, stylists, make-up artists, models, and producers from all over the country, MishMosh’s main aim isn’t just to create a beautiful aesthetic, but to bring together a community of people who want to make fundamental changes. 

Right now, the mission is to keep growing and create more space for Saudi creativity to thrive. “I am giving myself permission to think outside the box. I love what I do, and I believe in my vision”, she says.


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