Misk Art Institute Delves into The Innerworkings of Identity

IMPRINT is this season’s must-see exhibition

“What makes us who we are?” that’s the underlying question of every conversation to do with identity. It’s also the question fueling Misk Art Institute’s latest exhibition. 

Entitled Imprint, the art institution invited budding artists from Saudi Arabia and its neighbouring Khaleeji countries to challenge the concept of identity through a series of photography, film and digital artworks. 

Curated by Latifa Al Khalifa, the founder of arts consultancy Too Far, the exhibition showcases the work of Saudi artist Faisal Samra, featuring a video installation entitled
‘Schizophrenia’ that evokes the mix of culture and language in the GCC.

Bahraini street photographer Khaled Aljabri is also part of the showcase, with his ‘Recreation/Reincarnation’ series, in which he combines the landscapes of Bahrain into painting-like photographs. Other notable artworks include Reem AlNasser’s ‘Alfulle’ low-exposure photographs capturing the beauty of Saudi traditional bridal ritual ‘Masar’.

You can also discover Lulwah AlHoumouds digital installation The Space Within, which is a representation of the ninety-nine names of Allah through intricate patterns on glass. Bahraini photographer and filmmaker Mashael Al Saie is among the participants, with his film Dihin portraying the relationship between a grandmother and her granddaughter.

As part of the show, Misk Art Institute launched an open call for Arab young photographers and digital artists to help shed light on emerging talents in the Art world. A special committee selected the works of 19 artists to display in a dedicated space within the exhibition.

IMPRINT will run until January 28, 2021 at Prince Faisal Bin Fahad Fine Arts Hall and online.


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