Mo Amer is Taking Over Netflix

Palestinian comedy at its finest

Palestinian-American stand-up comedian Mohammed “Mo” Mustafa Amer has just revealed two of his shows are dropping on Netflix this month. 

Already acclaimed for his eponymous comedy show, Mo Amer: The Vagabond, the 40-year-old comedian is proving that he really has more than one joke under his sleeve as he is scheduled to premiere another show on November 30.  Titled “Mo Amer: Mohammed in Texas” this new production was recently shot in the comedian’s hometown, Houston, and is set to touch upon a wide array of topics and social matters ranging from pandemic politics, the stock market as well as the spread of Arab culture in the West.

Another program is also in the works, although no release date has been revealed up until now. The show will recount the life of Mo Najjar, played by Amer himself, who incessantly travels between both realms of his identity through his two native languages and cultures as well as the inherent issues that tag along with them.  The show is intended to be cut in eight half-hour episodes making it the perfect sitcom series to daze away with after a long day of work.

“I hope this series — inspired by my own life — will give people a look into the lives and often comedic moments of my experience. It’s also a chance to show people the Houston I know and love — a city that raised me and embraced me as a refugee,” Amer commented in a statement.

Having already proven how relatably funny he can be, Mo Amer’s next productions are one’s we can’t wait to put our hands on in order to shake off the approaching winter blues and put cheeky smiles on our faces. 

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