Saudi’s Moath Alofi is Cartier’s Newest Ambassador

The French Group has just signed another regional talent

French Cartier has just recently appointed Saudi photographer Moath Alofi as the new face of the emblematic and timeless Tank watch as he proudly represents the Middle East in the jewellers new collection. 

First brought to life by Paris-born Louis Cartier in 1917, the rectangular-shaped chronograph was initially inspired by the shape of military vehicles when seen from above during the First World War. Over a century old now, the legendary watch has continuously and repeatedly been reinvented through time without ever shredding away from its luxuriously elegant and sublime nature. 

Saudi-native Alofi is an artist, researcher, and explorer of the Medina Region and the wider peninsula, specialised in aerial photography, and travel documentation. Embodying the spirit of Cartier’s Tank line without flaw, the watch found safe stylish refuge around the creative’s wrists and we cannot think of a better fitting combo than this one. 

“The design breaks the rules classically, yet creatively. I relate with this in many aspects; my art, and my findings. To me, it’s all about perspective, being creative, appealing and easily understood.” Said Moath in a statement about Tank.

Breaking the implied unspoken rule of watches having to be designed in a circular round form, the Medina-based photographer perfectly recognises himself through this overlaying ethos having to often trespass set boundaries and limitations for the sake of art and culture. Constantly on the lookout for new regional talents, Cartier’s invitation for Alofi to represent its newest iteration of the boldly inventive watch comes as no surprise as both will surely see eye to eye through its revolutionary design and creed. 

Find out more about the collection here.

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