Cheb Khaled singing on stage

5 Rai Songs That Sound Super Modern

Two decades on, we’re still playing these tracks

Cheb Khaled singing on stage

The 90s might have been the golden age of Rai, but the 2000s were officially its renaissance. The genre, which dates back to the 1920s in Algeria, is still thriving. Although earlier tracks carry a more folk-inspired sound, the sound of Rai has massively transformed with time. 

With the emergence of autotune in the 80s, and the rise of the electric guitar, Rai took a more modern twist. And as the years have passed, it’s still shape-shifting and adapting to modern sounds. From Cheb Khaled’s pop take on ‘C’est La Vie’ to Rachid Taha’s ‘Ecoute Moi Camarade’, these are the most modern sounding Rai tracks to listen to.  

Cheb Khaled – C’est La Vie

Sting & Cheb Mami – Desert Rose

Rachid Taha – Ecoute Moi Camarade

Raya & Rima – Dana Dana

Youm Wara Youm – Samira Said ft. Cheb Mami

La La – Babylone

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