Mohamed Hadid

Mohamed Hadid Shares His Favourite Palestinian Recipes in This New Cookbook

With all its proceeds benefiting Palestinian charities

Mohamed Hadid

If there’s one thing to know about Mohamed Hadid, it’s that he’s extremely proud of his Palestinian heritage. The real estate mogul—and father to two of the world’s biggest models, Gigi and Bella—never shies away from expressing his love for his heritage. His latest venture does exactly that. 

Hadid just contributed some of his family’s cherished recipes to Craving Palestine, a new cookbook that’s been dubbed a ‘love letter and tribute to Palestine’. He joins other well-known Palestinian on this project, among them US Congresswoman Rashida Tlaib, best-selling poets and authors Naomi Shihab Nye, Susan Abulhawa and artists Trio Joubran. 

“Come with me on my Journey through the towns, cities and villages of Palestine. Follow me into the thousands of years of food culture that’s the land for the olive oil olives zaatar the grapes and the Grape leaves,” wrote Hadid in a post on Instagram.

Co-authored by entrepreneur and philanthropist Lama Bazzari and her daughter Farah Abuasad, and curated by Palestinian chef Fadi Kattan, the book is comprised of over 110 recipes, which include special recipes dedicated to Palestinian literary giants Edward Said and Mahmoud Darwish. The best part? 100 percent of the proceeds will benefit refugee camps across Palestine, Lebanon and Jordan. The donations will made through their NGO partner Anera. 

Hadid contributed two of his family’s recipes in the book. “Two of my recipes in this book I learned from my mother,” he explained. “my mother cooked for everyone… I learned a lot from my mother and father about how to eat and what to eat, and most important is to host and feed people from all Gods all religions, from the plentiful, well cultivated earth of Palestine.”

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