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Become An Art World Pro – MoMA is Now Offering Free Courses

Step out of lockdown work-ready

Did you see that meme about Shakespeare writing King Lear while he was quarantined during the plague? I did too—and to be honest, it made me feel bad and even more helpless than I already was. All of a sudden I thought: why am I watching TikTok videos when I could be…writing a book?

With new Instagram livestreams, free books, zoom yoga classes and online nightclubs popping up every day, it can start to feel like we should all be making the most out of a pandemic. And for many who are simply trying to cope, the pressure to be productive can make isolation even more overwhelming.

In case you were wondering; no you don’t need to focus on self-optimization right now. But if you’re feeling really low and numb, then maybe art can help.

New York’s MoMA (Museum of Modern Art) is offering free online courses on art, photography and fashion. Entitled ‘What is Contemporary Art’, ‘Modern Art and Ideas’, ‘Fashion as Design’, ‘Seeing Through Photographs’ and ‘In the Studio: Post-War Abstract Painting’—which are all considered to be beginner level classes and can be completed online, from the comfort of your bed. 

With this series of online courses, MoMA is lending you a helping hand to improve your knowledge during this much-needed down time. Without you realising it, art might provide you with the escapism you need during these dark times. 

Interested? Learn more about the courses here.

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