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5 Moroccan Creatives To Follow on Instagram

This new generation is coming strong

It wouldn’t be an overstatement to say that Morocco is known for its sizzling and unique sense of blend and craftsmanship. 

In the north of Africa but in the south of Europe, the kingdom is at the crossroads of two worlds that are begging to meet. Melting pot of culture and influences, Morocco yields a powerful aura that this new generation is trying to harness and beam out brightly through social media. 

The new wave of promising artists, creatives and gifted minds are making big waves online showing the world what Morocco is all about. 

To celebrate the nation’s rich pool of talents, we’ve gathered 5 creatives that are worth following.

Mous Lamrabat


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Une publication partagée par Mous Lamrabat (@mouslamrabat)

Traditional clothes and robes soaked in (ultra) modern, western, sometimes kitsch symbols or influences: that’s how one could describe the work of the Moroccan born Belgium based photographer. Exploring his roots, culture and DNA in JPEG format, Mous’ compositions are all iconic and screen-lock worthy. Very unique and original in style, you’ll want to check him out, now !

Mohcine Harisse


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Mohcine is a Casablanca-based creator that never shies from showing his passion for fashion. And he does it in the best of ways. Mixing outfits with super slick settings and edits, the young trailblazer has already worked with some of the world’s best and is not afraid of reaching new heights. With posts that reek of “cool-ness” and suave attitude, Mohcine’s touch is one that will surely influence more than one us.

Jinane Ennasri


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A post shared by Jinane Ennasri (@jinaneennasri)

Bouncing back and forth between the US and Morocco, Jinane Ennasri captures candid subjects that reveal the real nature of her motherland. Authentic, true and intimate at times, Jinane’s portraits reflect her careful handling of her camera which seems at this point to almost be an extension of her own body.



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Une publication partagée par Chater Karim (@style_beldi)

Karim Chater casts a light on super cool kitsch by playing with 80s codes. The young Moroccan masters the retro look like no other and serves his fire fits through video edits in various decors across the Moroccan kingdom inspiring you to up your fashion game and book your next flight.

Ilyes Gryieb


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Une publication partagée par Ilyes Griyeb (@ilyesg)

The young photographer is credited with some of Morocco’s freshest pictures. Having notably shot NAAR Collective’s SAFAR cover, he is very involved in the local rap scene which provides us with some Buscapé-esque shots that no one else can put their hands on.



Ilustration credits: Mous Lamrabat

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