Moroccan Doctor Promises No More Dark Circles – Forever

Meet the in-demand man behind the revolutionary treatment

If someone told you that you could your eliminate dark circles forever – you’d think they were talking rubbish… or trying to sell you a useless overpriced eye cream.


But a revolutionary new treatment (founded in part by Moroccan doctor Dr. Hayot) promises to make dark eye bags, hollowed eyes and sagging skin disappear permanently without the use of a single filler.


“I simply don’t believe in the use of fillers.” Hayot boldly states whilst sat in his London surgery, “a lot of people are using cosmetic fillers for lips, cheeks and now under eye, but the difference is that a lot of these people don’t understand that the skin around the eyes doesn’t actually benefit from the use of fillers – it actually diminishes over time creating bigger bags as skin sags beneath the eyes. If someone asked me to perform an under-eye filler I would refuse. It’s completely pointless.”


Since 2000, there has been a 180 percent increase in cosmetic filler procedures, with the majority carried out by dermatologists, dentists and a limited amount carried out by qualified plastic surgeons. “This is the big issue with cosmetic procedures today, a lot of people are being fed false information and being tied in to procedures that don’t work or only have very short-term benefits. This is why you see all these people with disproportionate fillers and puffy faces. With all of my clinics, I strive to achieve an ultra-natural look. This is the French way, and it’s the most elegant way to perform cosmetic work.”


Hayot’s signature procedure—facial lipostructure—consists of removing miniscule amounts of fat from the body and re-injecting it under the eyes, padding out the fat loss from ageing, to create an ultra-naturalistic look with no tell-tale signs of surgery.


The procedure may sound simple, but it’s actually a painfully intricate process that sees the patient’s fat cells being individually cleaned, rigorously separated and prepared for re-insertion under the skin. “It’s a real surgical procedure, they’re not fillers, but the key difference is that it lasts forever and has incredible results. Once we’ve extracted the cells, you can use them for anywhere on the face – not just under the eyes. We can put it in the temples, the lips or the nasolabial folds. The ageing process, especially in the face, is down to fat-loss. As we age the skin gets saggy and hollowed – by simply re-plumping the face with the body’s fat, it’s the most organic way to fill the face out without looking ‘done’”.


This revolutionary procedure has catapulted Dr. Hayot in to the upper echelons of the surgical community for the last three decades and sees each of his three practices in Paris have two-month-long waiting lists. “I liken my work to that of an art restorer; I don’t want to leave any obvious traces behind of the procedures that have been carried out. 10,000 faces have passed through my hands – it’s incredible.”

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