The Women Leading the Way in Morocco’s Major Cities

Introducing the recently-elected mayors

A wind of change is sweeping through the streets of Morocco. Not one, but three women have just recently been elected mayors of the Kingdom’s main cities, namely the country’s capital Rabat, economic hub Casablanca and tourist hotspot Marrakech. 

Patriarchy has always played a big role in a region where males have unequivocally dominated most societal and political matters—a reminder of how groundbreaking these nominations are.

Following the parliamentary, regional and municipal elections which took place earlier this month on September 8, Asmaa Rhlalou, Nabila Rmili and Fatima Zahra Mansouri have all been assigned to major roles and tasks in the development of their respective cities as well as with the subsequent chrysalis of the nation as a whole. 

Nabila Rmili

As some cities such as Rabat are about to be introduced to their first female representative in a pioneering wave of shift and switch, Mansouri is about to embolden her presence in the Ochre City of Marrakech as her designation marks her second official term in office as mayor of the red metropolis. She had already been in power from 2009 to 2015.

Fatima Zahra Mansouri

Very promising, these new appointments are an unmistakable blow for hope that we are surely not immune to and cannot wait to get used to in the future.


Main image: Asmaa Rhlalou

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