Mostafa Ahmed’s Photography Is a Love Letter to Egypt’s Hustle and Bustle

A look into Mostafa Ahmed’s world

Rarely do you come across a photograph that you can smell, hear, and feel— a photo that instantly transports you to the moment the photographer pressed the shutter release. Mostafa Ahmed’s work does just that, capturing the most intimate everyday interactions taking place in the most obscure corners of Egypt’s hustle and bustle. The 23-year-old’s enigmatic lens captures an unapologetically raw image of everyday life in Egypt— from heartwarming birthday celebrations and capturing someone’s unique hand gesture on the street to a man smoking a cigarette with utmost regality in front of his antique store.

“I am interested in the idea of capturing the marvels of daily life, in creating an archive that would outlast ecological changes and act as a memoir for the streets of Egypt,” the budding photographer told Mille. “The place and its inhabitants that feature as my artistic subjects are preserved forever in a photograph. They inspire me, and I want my compositions to portray their uniqueness. With my work, I try to express my innermost, abstract preoccupations that can’t be put into words. That compels me to continue this exploration through my photography and filmmaking,” he added.

Anyone that has been to Egypt knows that no matter where you are there is a story unfolding on every sidewalk. “I’m always walking and searching for the right moment to capture something,” says Ahmed. “I often avoid dealing with people and talking to them as I stroll and capture specific moments, to ensure my photos always look real,” he explained.

Mostafa Ahmed’s portfolio is a beautiful love letter to Egypt, revealing the endless and intricate layers of this country. “My pictures are a representation of my own understanding of and love for the distinctive Egyptian heritage. It inspires me to travel routinely and instinctively capture things that catch my eye,” he reveals.

“But it is artistic as much as it is photojournalistic,” muses the young creative, who has amassed a cult following of loyal fans who appreciate his accurate portrayal of the North African country by way of impossibly breathtaking, pastel-tinged, candid portraits that beautifully capture the country’s inhabitants at their most unguarded and unrehearsed.

“I am also interested in creating an identifiable visual aesthetic. I try, through my photos and videos, to document everyday life through the eyes of one of the people in the streets of Egypt,” he said. “I am endlessly fascinated by the treasures our streets have to offer.”


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