A Pastel Drenched Look at Moroccan Youth

An ode to simplicity

“I fell in love with photography when I was just a child,” says 21-year-old Moroccan photographer Mouad Abillat, “the beauty of everyday life really inspired me from a very young age and I figured out the best way to celebrate it was through photography”.




Abillat began shooting very organically—as a way of documenting trivial aspects of life, which he highlights as his key source of inspiration—“Everyday life is so beautiful to me, despite the fact that it seems insignificant. By documenting it, I want to pay tribute to simplicity”, says Abillat.





Once he graduated from high school in Oujda, Abillat decided to embark on a degree in photography and script writing at the National Film Art School in Rabat, which then saw the young photographer exhibit his work at  local art spaces like the House of Culture in the city of Al Houceima, the Café Sahara in Fes, the French Institute in Casablanca and the Church of St. Louis in Oujda. “I’m always eager to progress. Real talents always keep learning”, he says.




His next series, which will be shot in the city of Oujda and will focus on its regional traditions, will see Abillat travel to his hometown during Ramadan to capture the popular rituals that characterize the Holy month.

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