5 of the Region’s Must-See Art Installations

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Finally! Life is seemingly going back to normal after an almost two-year-long pause. “Nature is healing,” as some would say. And so is the art world. As pandemic-related restrictions are loosening up, our cultural calendars are picking up again and we’re pretty excited. 

If September was all about fashion, October is going to be defined by the new season of visual craft. And the region’s art institutions are sparing no time to bring some of our favourite artists back into the spotlight. 

For that reason, here’s the five ongoing and upcoming installations you need to make sure to check out in the days to come.

D-CAF, Cairo


Running from October 1- 22, D-CAF Cairo is back with another series of cultural events inviting artists from all kinds and genres to perform in the megalopolis. Proudly labelling itself as “Egypt’s only international multi-disciplinary contemporary arts festival”, the annual gathering will showcase enough activities to cater for all while giving you a tour of the capital’s major sites.

Here, Now, Riyadh

Exclusively at Prince Faisal bin Fahd Arts Hall, the selected team of contemporary artists will explore identity through several expressions of art. At the heart of the Saudi capital, intimacy and detail meet in a four-month long event which will stretch from October 3 to January 15, 2022.

Abu Dhabi Art, Abu Dhabi


Curated by duo Sam Bardaouil and Till Fellrath, Abu Dhabi Art has organised an event that the most curious of us will know how to enjoy. The Manarat Al-Saadiyat space will be hosting creatives from all over the world in the first iteration of the programme since COVID-19 from November 17 to 21. “Titled Beyond: Emerging Artists”, the installation aims at helping develop three emerging artists in the UAE whilst emboldening their skills. 

Cairo Illustrated: Stories from Heliopolis, Dubai

Nora Zeid makes her debut solo expo with Tashkeel studio and gallery exploring how urbanism, in its large meaning, influenced (and still influences) the capital city of Cairo. Delving into some of her own personal memories while probing the collective’s one too, history is put under the spotlight for a brief artistic moment that will take place from September 14 to October 23.

Ouatann, Tunis

Combining art and literature, Chiara Montenero will display her latest work at the Espace Art Sadika in Gammarth, Tunis. Throughout the whole month of October, the collaborative event with the Italian Cultural Institute of Tunis will showcase 24 paintings all inspired from the novel “Ouatann: Shadows on the Sea” written by Tunisian writer Azza Filali.

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