Tunisia Is Struggling and Here’s How You Can Help

The art initiative raising funds for the North African nation


As most countries are slowly starting to get back on track and feeling a somewhat sense of pre-Covid normality, Tunisia is still struggling to keep its head above water. The North African nation is experiencing the worst outbreak of cases since the initial burst back in March 2020.

With most hospitals being put under relentless stress and strain, the Tunisian healthcare system is in dire need of medical equipment especially as oxygen supplies are drastically decreasing by the day. But a group of 5 young Tunisians are bringing their passions, networks and resources together to support their home country through an initiative aimed at raising funds to aid their native country.

Launched by Charif and Sarah Ben Romdane, Myriam Rabah, Selim Bouafsoun as well as Kenza Zouari earlier this week, Nafas Tounes, which roughly translates to ‘Help Tunisia Breathe’, is an online platform that calls for solidarity with the Tunisian people. 

The team has teamed up with some of the Arab World’s finest creative talents like Dora Dalila Cheffi, Cheb Moha, Ilyes Griyeb and Meriem Bennani to name just a few to raise emergency funds through the sale of original prints and other various artworks. Nafas Tunis also teamed up with the Tunisian gallery Selma Feriani as well as Dubai’s Carbon 12 to make it happen. 

The artworks all be displayed through the charity’s Instagram page with all proceeds to be forwarded to Atuge UK and Darna in order to provide the country with the necessary means to navigate past this crisis.

Full of goodwill and brotherly intention, the push for help that runs from the 19 to the 27 of July, also encourages those who may not be able to afford the showcased pieces to spread the word and raise awareness by referring artists, tagging contacts and simply sharing the message.



Main image: @bilalelkadhi, Tunisia, 2018

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