Nancy Ajram Cardi B

This Nancy Ajram Remix of ‘WAP’ is Incredible

You can thank TikTok for your new summer anthem

Nancy Ajram Cardi B

Whether you’re a Gen Zer who was tapped into TikTok since day one (and are probably eye-rolling at the old people now infiltrating the app), or if you’re a millennial who told yourself you would try one dance routine, and are now addicted – TikTok has taken over the world.

With a growing number of Arab TikTok creators going viral, and insanely funny Muslim TikTokers sparking a host of new trends, the cross-pollination of cultures on the app is seismic. With Instagram throwing influencers and celebrities into the front of the algorithm, TikTok instead highlights lesser-known, everyday people – meaning that the content is genuinely unique and often bridges cultures across the world. 

Case in point: the growing number of Arabic songs that are now viral across the US, and the rest of the world. Egyptian musician and actor Mohamed Ramadan’s song ‘Bum Bum’ sparked an entire trend in itself (the song now counts 28 million views on YouTube alone thanks to the trend), leading the singer to now launch his songs on the app first.

One of this summer’s biggest dance trends was easily Cardi B and Megan Thee Stallion’s ‘Wap’, with the song alone garnering headlines across the world for its controversial lyrics and even more controversial video (which starred Kylie Jenner). 

So you might be wondering where Nancy Ajram comes into this, well, if you’re a fan of the app you’ll already know that a number of her songs have gone viral on the app, with ‘Ya Tabtab’ leading the way (and she also announced a live TikTok concert back in August). And now Canadian TikTok creator @romeomarin_ has combined the two major trends to make one epic remix: a Nancy Ajram remix of ‘WAP’, mixing Ajram’s hit song ‘Ya tabtab’ with the Billboard number one hit. 

@romeomarin_No one asked but here is another WAP remix ##wapremix ##wapchallenge ##nancyajram ##yatabtabwadalla ##ShowAndTell ##arabtiktok ##clubmix ##mashup♬ WAP Nancy Ajram remix – romeomarin_

If you want to listen to the full track, click here.

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