A Nancy Ajram Documentary is Coming

The pop singer opens up about the home invasion

Despite being one of the Arab world’s biggest stars, Nancy Ajram’s has definitely maintained her privacy. As of July 16, that’s all going to change. The Lebanese pop star is opening up about her personal life in a new documentary. 

Set to release on the regional streaming service Shahid VIP, the singer and her husband Fadi Al Hashem will star in the film, which is entitled The Full Story. The documentary comes as part of the aftermath of a robbery that took place in Ajram’s home earlier this year, during which her husband shot and killed the home invader—an incident that led Ajram and Al Hashem to be the centre of numerous headlines. 

The film will, of course, shed light on the incident. In the trailer, Ajram is seen in conversation saying: “Minutes passed like a year. Did Fadi die? He didn’t die.” To which a voice behind the camera says: “There are details that we, and the people need to know. You’re going to tell us everything.” Ajram then responds: “Of course.”

Just weeks after the incident, El Hashem was charged with the murder of the assailant, who was identified as 30-year-old Mohammad Al Mousa. El Hashem is said to have shot him 16 times. The documentary will feature CCTV footage from the day of the incident, in which Al Mousa is seen entering the singer’s property through a balcony. 

Ajram, who is said to have hid in the bathroom during the robbery, spoke on the issue before, asking for the public—who were deeply critical of Al Hachem’s actions—to “put [themselves] in his shoes and see what your response would be”. 

The Full Story will premiere on Shahid VIP on July 16.

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