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Nancy Ajram is Having a Live Concert On Tiktok

The Lebanese queen has spoken

Nancy Ajram made her TikTok debut last week along with her three daughters. This week, the app is celebrating her arrival in a major way: a live virtual concert.

Yes, the Lebanese singer will be having a TikTok concert, and you won’t want to miss it. The move comes as no surprise, the popstar has been virtually entertaining fans since the start of the pandemic.

Back in May, the superstar held a laid-back solo performance on a Beirut rooftop in celebration of Eid Al Fitr, which was live streamed on YouTube. Calling it, “Hope Beyond Borders” the singer began her performance by saying:

“We’re celebrating with so little, each at home with loved ones or alone. The world as we know it is changing yet again, and the Arab people who’ve stood through so much, will remain strong, ready and united for sure.”

The iconic singer then performed a series of her best hits—and we can expect no less from her upcoming TikTok concert.

Calling it her ‘Magical Show’, the performance will be live streamed on the platform on August 5 at 10pm Dubai time. To tune in, all you have to do is visit @nancyajram on the app.

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