Nancy ajram

Nancy Ajram’s TikTok Concert is Finally Happening

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Nancy ajram

Initially due to happen on August 5, Lebanese pop icon Nancy Ajram’s TikTok concert was postponed due to the deadly explosion that happened in Beirut in early August. With a new date finally announced: the queen of pop is back. 

Although Nancy Ajram has been cult in the region for decades, the ‘Ah We Noos’ singer’s fame was taken to new heights when she landed a co-sign from American Gen-Z icon Billie Eilish

Earlier this month, a Canadian TikTok creator sparked a buzz releasing a Nancy Ajram remix of ‘WAP’, mixing Ajram’s hit song ‘Ya Tabtab’ with the Billboard number one hit by Cardi B and Megan Thee Stallion. Re-used on 2741 TikTok videos, the remix is a viral sensation.

Celebrating Nancy Ajram’s arrival on the app, the concert is not to be missed. 

Due to happen on September 18 at 10p.m GST, while you patiently wait, you can watch Nancy’s team tease the show on her Instagram platform.

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