Ali’s Wedding

10 Netflix Films Every Arab Needs to Watch

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Ali’s Wedding

You might have watched everything that’s making headlines on Netflix already, so now it’s time to delve even further. Let’s talk about Netflix’s abundance of Arab films. 

Since going global in 2017 and launching its Middle Eastern division, Netflix has done a good job of diversifying its content—and that hasn’t just come in the form of releasing Arabic original series, namely the Jordanian series Jinn and the upcoming show, ‘Paranormal’, starring none other than Razane Jammal.

The streaming giant has also been widening its scope of films by acquisitioning the rights to a diverse set of Arab films, produced right here in the region. From experimental Saudi shorts to classic Egyptian comedies, these are the Netflix films every Arab needs to watch. 

Zaki Chan

Zaki Chan
Ahmed Helmy is undoubtedly one of Egypt’s biggest movie stars, but
Zaki Chan was one of the first films that catapulted him into stardom in 2005. A must-watch. 

Savage Raghda

Savage RaghdaRamez Galal takes his comedies to the next level with Savage Raghda. The legendary actor plays a single father, who takes extreme measures to support his son. 

Six Windows in The Desert

Six Windows in the DesertSix Windows in the Desert is a collection of films made by Saudi studio Telfaz11, each film tackles a different subject – most of which are usually deemed taboo in the region. 

Very Big Shot

Very Big Shot As an iconic Lebanese film, Very Big Shot is a must-see for any Arab. The film sees a Lebanese drug dealer working to sway public opinion with the help of a filmmaker as he attempts to smuggle drugs across borders. 

Uncle Naji in UAE

Uncle Naji in UAEThe UAE has been stepping up its film industry in recent years, and Uncle Naji in UAE is a great example. The film is centered around Naji, who goes on a holiday with his friends to a mountainous region. But what starts off as a fun trip ends up engulfed in horror and mystery. 

Edhay in Thailand

Edhay in ThailandAs the second instalment of the first comedy franchise to come out of the UAE, Edhay in Thailand is a must-watch. The film sees Edhay travel to Thailand with his uncle Obeid for a medical check-up when a kidnapping ensues. 

Ali’s Wedding

Ali’s WeddingAli, the son of an Iraqi cleric who now lives in Melbourne, tells a white lie, only to find himself having to make a choice between an arranged marriage or being with the woman he loves. 

Detention Letter

Detention Letter
Egypt’s movie scene might be best known for its comedies, but it doesn’t fall short when it comes to action films as well. Rapper and actor Mohamed Ramadan plays the role of a man who begins to question joining a terrorist organisation after his brother decides to join him.

Amar’s Hands

Amar’s HandsLooking for a good gritty drama to watch? Amar’s Hands is it. The film is centred around a widow who sends her five kids to earn money in Cairo—only for their problems to expand.

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